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High Ability Learning students of all ages now have access to immersive building tools that empower them to explore science and math concepts in hands-on and interactive ways  – Zometools

Through the Foundation’s Classroom Grant program, three Zometool kits were acquired for HAL Teachers Abby Fitzgerald, Missy DeHart and Becky Korinek, enabling them to further personalize all students’ learning environments.

“An Element Museum was the first of many projects conducted using the Zometools,” said Fitzgerald, “Understanding the structure of an atom could be taught through diagrams and pictures, but by building them with Zometools, the students were able to deepen their knowledge and understand the intricacies of how the parts of an atom are organized.” 

The Element Museum project impacted 70 students in all five elementary buildings. The Zometools can be reused year after year, significantly impacting the current 470 HAL learners K-8 and future HAL learners for years to come.

“Foundation funding for projects like this allows us to put tools into the hands of students and help them learn and manipulate information in real-time and in practical ways,” said Fitzgerald, “Whether their element had 1 proton or 72, the learning that happened due to the addition of these Zometools was elemental to their understanding of this very important scientific concept. Knowing we have over 470 HAL learners, we know there will be a myriad of ways to implement these Zometools in the future!”

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